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Safety & Wellbeing

Woods Investigation & Security Outcomes is committed to the provision of the highest possible standard of safety and wellbeing to ensure that employees, contractors and visitors are free from harm in the workplace. We are committed to working with key stakeholders to achieve our objectives.


Our objectives are to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable:

  • Identify, evaluate and manage risks to health and safety from our work;

  • Safe systems of work are provided and maintained;

  • Equipment and substances provided are maintained and in safe condition;

  • People are provided with information, training and instruction;

  • Safety & wellbeing policies and procedures comply with relevant legislation, standards and codes of practice;

  • Safety is continually reviewed and improved; and

  • Maintain a culture that fosters a responsible behaviour for our own safety & wellbeing and that of our fellow workers.


Woods Investigation & Security Outcomes is responsible for:

  • Providing the resources to meet safety & wellbeing obligations;

  • Effectively implementing the safety & wellbeing program;

  • Maintaining effective communication and consultation with employees and key stakeholders;

  • Ensuring processes are in place to allow for the resolution of health and safety issues;

  • Minimising the impact of any work-related incidents;

  • Taking a pro-active approach to providing effective rehabilitation for ‘workers’ injured at work;

  • Ensuring all employees receive adequate and up to date training and induction in relation to safety & wellbeing; and

  • Continually monitoring and improving safety systems, policies and procedures.

Employees and contractors are responsible for:

  • Following safety & wellbeing policies & procedures in the workplace;

  • Keeping themselves and others free from harm at work;

  • Obeying reasonable direction and instructions regarding health, safety & wellbeing;

  • Keeping the workplace clean and tidy; and

  • Reporting incidents and hazards immediately.

As part of our commitment to continually improve and effectively consult, this policy will be annually reviewed in consultation with our stakeholders and people at all levels regarding safety & wellbeing issues and engage them in initiating improvement.

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