Travel Wise

Travel Wise Program is an initiative to educate people on keeping safe, secure and savvy when travelling.  

Millions of people enjoying them selves every day travelling dometically and internationally.  Unfortunately, even as you are reading, there is someone falling a victim to malicous act of harm.  It is likely that exposure to the act of harm could have been reduced.   Harm can come from many sources, such as being arrested for breaking local laws, falling victim to a scam or caught being up in criminal or terrorist activity.   It does not matter if your travelling on holidays or on business, you are vulnerable and may be a victim of an attack.

Employer’s have a responsiblity to ensure that their staff are safe when at work.  This extends to staff travelling for business.  Consider who your clients are and what your business has to loose if information or access held by your staff is compromised by a competitor.  You may be seen as a weak link enabling your clients competitors to access material or systems.  Yes, may even be targeted because of your access to sensitive material or systems.  As an employer by making sure your staff are aware and travelling wisely you can work towards keeping staff safe and protecting your business.

The Travel Wise Program is a intelligence and risk based approach to provide personal tailored information and training to keep people and business from harm.  The Travel Wise Program is NOT a software program or a set and forget presentation.

The Travel Wise Program is availible for all travellers. The program can be provided to public, business and government agencies and is tailored to meet the needs of the traveller.  I also specialise in providing travel briefing for people with access to natonal security classified material.

The Travel Wise Program is NOT a software program or a set and forget presentation, it a personally tailored advisory and training session for all travellers.  The program is effective when delivered a week prior to departure. To ensure a high quality tailored advice and training, please ensure to contact me at least two weeks before departure.

The program covers:

  • Theats and hazards faced when travelling.
  • Risks when travelling.
  • Strageties to reduce risk of harm.
  • Travelling with technology
  • Travel resources.
  • Getting help.
  • Post travel care.

Travel Wise Program is about keeping you and your business from harm.  It ensures you have a safe, secure and enjoyable time when travelling.

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