I enjoy continued learning and development, located in South Australian opportunities for development are limited which can be frustrating.   It is the lack of availability of ongoing development opportunities and the cost of training with Registered Training Organisations that did not met by needs or expectations, that lead me to act.   Meeting the challenge of continued development and applying my expertise as a former military instructor and trainer, I am able to provide you the benefit of my experience to develop yourself or your team.

As a professional, I continue to seek development opportunities through association memberships, eLearning, workshops and seminars.  I provide guidance to clients assist in their continued development, often recommending training providers.

Providing a range of in-house skills and knowledge based workshops, I can assist in keeping your or your business from harm.  Workshops are provide on demand and tailored to meet your needs.  Programs are developed to provide skills, knowledge and experience to enhance existing skills or as continued professional development.  A practical skills based approach enables you to learn by doing in a safe environment to develop skills and knowledge.

Workshops include, but not limited too:

♦ Anti-Terrorism Training.

♦ Travel Safety and Security.

♦ Surveillance Tradecraft.

♦ Dog Safe Practices.

I continue to develop programs based on the needs of my clients.

Contact me now, lets see what we can do.

I provide bespoke workshops that is tailored to your training and development needs.  Operating as an independent trainer, I am able to provide cost effective training and have the flexibility to adapt and tailor my programs to meet your needs.  I can provide training, coaching or mentoring for individuals and groups.  Holding a Certificate VI in Training and Assessment, my training solutions draw on the National Training Framework as guidance.

I am not a Registered Training Organisation under the Vocational Education and Training Quality Framework and I do not provide qualifications aligned to the Australian Qualifications Framework.