Investigation Services

Woods Investigation & Security Services has the capability and experience to provide you with a range of investigation services.  The purpose of an investigation is to gather evidence (the facts) and use it as a basis for decision making.  An investigation seeks out valid factual information that enable you to make informed decisions or for peace of mind.   As a trained, qualified and experienced professional investigator, I can to conduct a range of investigation activities to assist you in making a decision.  The outcome of an investigation may result in a report providing the factual evidence collected.  The information gathered during an investigation may include, but is not limited to: documents, photographs, statements, video and audio recording.

I deliver the following investigation services:

•   Corporate & Private Investigations
•   Factual, Fraud & Insurance Investigations
•   Interviews & Statements
•   Scam Identification & Prevention
•   Online & Open Source Investigations
•   Root Cause Investigation & Analysis
•   Safety Incident Investigations
•   Due Diligence
•   Locate People
•   Background, Employment & Qualification Checks
•   Drug & Alcohol Testing
•   Activity & Behaviour Checks